I’m Henry, nice to meet you!

What I Do…

hong kong SEO expert (15+ years experience)

I primarily do two things:

  • SEO (Enterprise Level)
  • Growth Hacking

I’ve been an SEO for nearly two decades and have scaled over 40+ websites (businesses) in multiple niches from grey niches, to tech (especially Cybersecurity), and e-commerce niches.

On this page, you’ll find a quick and broad overview of my technical skill sets and the technologies I use.

Want to find out more about my experience, then please check out my online resume or you can view some of my SEO projects here.

WordPress & PHP Developer

I’ve been building websites since 2003!

I can code custom CMS systems using PHP – for example – this website you are on! – however, I prefer to work with WordPress; mostly because the platform works nicely for SEO.

Furthermore, WordPress sites are easy to maintain and there’s a ton of support and plugins to fix any problem or address any marketing or growth solution.

I’ve spoken at WordCamp Hong Kong and speak at WordPress Meetup events here in Hong Kong.

Marketing Automation

Automation is key.

Everything I do, whether it is outreach or executing SEO On-Page or Off-Page SEO, must be automated to allow for scale. If it can’t be scaled then it’s likely a waste of time.

To compete in SEO, I’d always advise executing a 10x Strategy; something that is wholly dependent on the scale of automation

HTML, CSS, Python (& Linux)

Highly proficient with HTML & CSS which helps when customizing WordPress themes and especially custom-made landing pages that I can easily tweak to perfection.

No SEO tool alone gives you the full picture of your website’s “health” or business. I use Python for SEO for comprehensive data analysis containing data points from multiple sources. Combining data from various sources allows SEOs to get a better understanding of campaign effectiveness as well as be able to ask meaningful questions about the business and model.

I mostly run Python scripts on Kali Linux or POP_OS!

SEO & Growth Hacking

My main skills are SEO followed by “Growth Hacking”. My SEO style is aggressive and driven by meticulous planning. My main skills within Growth Hacking are related to data scraping (especially Instagram & LinkedIn) and automating outreach in a series of well-thought messages that are designed to elicit actions.

A lot of SEO is dependent on expertise using specific tools which I list in my online resume here.

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