Making the Most of SEO to Expand Your Reach

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Find out how AI Can Boost Your Marketing and Lift Your Startup Higher

This talk will be taking place on March 7th, 2024.

There were x5 speakers, as follows:

Power of AI in Marketing: Strategies for Hong Kong Startups

Speaker: ReelSights AI (Billy Tea)
Description: Utilizing AI to Solve Marketing Challenges – Overcoming the Main Hurdles for Hong Kong:

  • Startups
  • Limited Funding
  • Intense Competition
  • Marketing Expertise Shortage and Solutions

Navigating the Future of Digital Marketing in Hong Kong

Speaker: Publicis (Henry Dalziel)
Description: Making the Most of SEO to Expand Your Reach – What SEO Entails, Common Misunderstandings, and How to Tackle Them.

Localizing Your Marketing Strategy for Hong Kong Audiences

Speaker: Miles Man AIKOL – Fmr HKDAS (Kenneth Chau)
Description: Addressing the Key Hong Kong Marketing Challenges

Network Intelligence: Unleashing the Increasing Value of Human Skills in the Digital Era.

Speaker: CityU (Esterina Nervino)
Description: the importance of 1.Personal Branding 2. Public Relations 3. Networking Skills in the age of AI and solutions.

There were also speakers from Google that were timely owing to the recent Google Updates that were affecting Hong Kong.

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