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I publish occassional content in this resource relating to SEO & other Hong Kong news, tips and info.
Blog Post SEO Trends In 2021
SEO Trends To Watch In 2021

I outline some of the best known SEO Trends of 2021; some are obvious whilst others are less known - either ways read more for some tips and suggestions to be better with your SEO...

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Blog Post How I Ranked #1 For Hong Kong SEO
How I Ranked #1 for "Hong Kong SEO"

In this post I outlined a bunch of ways that I was able to secure position #1 for keywords like "Hong Kong SEO" and "HK SEO"; and you can do the same as well!

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Blog Post How To Become A Digital Marketing Consultant
How To Become A Digital Marketing Consultant In Hong Kong

I share some ways that you can become a digital marketing consultant in Hong Kong. The demand for SEO and SEM professionals in the city increase YoY...

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I've moved my blog to my other Hong Kong SEO Site: growthhackers.hk