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Getting Position #1 for "Hong Kong SEO" - How Did I Do It?

Published: 19th October 2021 Updated: 19th April 2022 5 min read Author: Henry Dalziel
Getting Position #1 for
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Do Something Slightly Different

One of the goals when I started Growth Hackers Hong Kong was to get to the top of Google for specific keywords. The keywords that I was interested in - and still am - are, for example: Hong Kong SEO, as well as HK SEO - and other variations therein.

As a full-time SEO consultant in Hong Kong, I've always wanted to see if I could get my site to rank number one in the Google SERPs because it definitely serves as a "calling card."

So, to check that I was, as of the end of September 2021, position #1 on Google, I used a completely new install of Google Chrome (all cookies and settings deleted) and also SERPRobot, which is a terrific tool that provides the results of a Google query from any localized Google Page.

Did It Lead To Conversions?

You may find this strange, but I'd guess that the keywords "Hong Kong SEO" are not likely to bring in clients. The traffic I obtain as a consequence of ranking first for the Hong Kong-specific "SEO" phrase amounts to between 30 and 50 clicks each day.

In some respects, that isn't all that amazing, given Hong Kong's population of roughly 7.5 million people.

However, because quality usually trumps quantity, such figures may be considered respectable.

A more interesting keyword group or cohort would be "marketing" in general. It's important to remember that marketing is much more than just SEO; it encompasses a wide range of factors. My personal area of expertise is merging SEO with Growth Marketing or Growth Hacking.

Because I am not currently accepting new customers, this was somewhat of a vanity project, but one that I am happy to have completed as an SEO professional because I beat large SEO and Digital Marketing Agencies.

All of these organizations have personnel, offices, budgets, and so on, but this website is simply me and an Internet connection.

Believe In Your SEO

Keep in mind that SEO and organic rankings are all about consistency and providing something of better value that your competitors do not.

Will my Google rankings for this term change? Without a doubt. For competitive terms, there might be daily movement.

In the future, I'd like to see if I can rank for broader (and perhaps more lucrative) keywords like "Digital Marketing Agency Hong Kong" or "Digital Marketing Expert Hong Kong" or variants on those phrases that have a larger intent than a specific marketing period; that is SEO.