How To Check Multiple Expired Domains

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I regularly check expired domains for backlink profiles.

For the most part, I’ll simply redirect (by 301) expired domains over to feeder sites or specific pages within my network of sites if there is genuine value.

My Expired Domain Process

In this video, I outline the process that I use to check 20 domains at a time using these SEO tools:

  • AHrefs

These tools will allow you to quickly make a decision on specific domains and whether or not they are worthy of acquiring backlinks.

My Video Explaining The Process

I’ve made a video that explains the process.

I hope it helps you out!

Check Up To 25 Domains Using AHrefs

The process is simple.

When you find a list of domains from simply copy and paste them.


Head over to and after filtering domains by your keywords or similar, simply hit the copy icon.

This, as you’d expect saves the domain list to your clipboard.

Now, head over to AHRefs…


Once you’ve logged into AHRefs, hit > more > batch analysis.

This feature in AHRefs allows you to search for up to 200 domains!

The cool thing about this is that you can then instantly get a snapshot of whether you should investigate any of the domains further.

Metrics that AHRefs include are:

  • DR number
  • Indexed keywords
  • Referring linked domains
  • Referring links
  • .gov links
  • .edu links

Wrapping Up

This is super basic but it saved me a bunch of time.

If you discover a domain that is pertinent to your niche and has a backlink from an authority site then that’s a reason why you should consider acquiring or at least bidding on the domain.

Whether you should simply do a blanket 301 redirect or spin up a mini-HTML site is up for debate and in my opinion that’s something that is entirely dependent on the power behind the domain, and of course, assuming that it has passed all spam checks.

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