How To Fix Ranking Volatility?

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SEO Rankings Volatility

I have another post relating to how you can measure SEO Volatility and why it is important to measure it effectively: here it is.

This post is about the actual volatility that I’ve experienced and the measures that I have taken to try and solve the mad swings.

With respect to my employer and the company that I work for I’ll keep the keyword private, but I can share the wild fluctuations that I’ve tried to fix, so – go ahead and feast your eyes on this beauty:

This screenshot should be self-explanatory!

Each of the huge dips relates to a different mapped URL being associated with the keyword!

The wild swings can cost us anywhere between 50-1,000 clicks per day, so yes the results here are:

  • Loss of clicks (and by association loss of CTR);
  • Loss of revenue (new customers)

It’s a serious matter!

So, what actions have I taken?

De-Optimize Stupid!

Yup. This possible solution is obvious.

Find the wrongly associated URLs that are being associated with the keyword and de-optimize them for that keyword, or said better: enhance the page that you want to reward with the correct keyword. This can also include better internal linking and links that come from the homepage.

Core Web Vitals?

This is another point of intrigue for me.

It seems that the volatility is slightly more pronounced on desktop, so perhaps CWV plays a part here?

The Struggle Continues

The volatility continues…

As I find the solutions I’ll document them here for prosperity.

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