My HARO Link Ends Up On TV!

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You never know what’s going to happen when you apply for backlinks using HARO – my outreach ended up on TV!

WTF Are HARO Links?

HARO links, which stand for “Help A Reporter Out,” are backlinks that are acquired through the use of the HARO website, which is where journalists seek the opinions of experts for their articles.

If the content of a website is mentioned in one of these pieces, then that website will receive a link from the site that published the story.

These links are beneficial to SEO since they originate from websites with a good reputation and a high level of authority. As a result, the trustworthiness of the website and its position in search engine rankings are both improved.

Because they also boost online exposure and have the potential to bring more organic traffic, they are an extremely desirable component in search engine optimization tactics.

My Outreach

I used to work as the Head of SEO for YesStyle – one of the world’s largest eCom retailers of KPOP Fashion and Korean Cosmetics.

I used the HARO service to get backlinks and I replied to an offer from Darcy Camden (a top stylist from Seattle, Washington) for “Back To Work” Fashion suggestions.

I applied by offering her some sample clothing from YesStyle; she agreed and she ended up using it on King5 TV!

What is King5?

King5 is a well-known television broadcasting station that operates out of the city of Seattle in the state of Washington.

It is a network that is affiliated with NBC and is well-known for its extensive coverage of local news in its respective areas.

King5 fulfills an essential function in the Pacific Northwest by delivering current news, up-to-date weather forecasts and sports information, in addition to a wide range of community-oriented programming options.

Many people in Seattle and the surrounding areas look to it as a reliable source of information because of its position as the preeminent media outlet in the region. It has a well-deserved reputation for producing work of a high journalistic standard.

King5 Reach

In 2022, Over 2.8 million people visited or the K5 mobile app, consuming over 23 million page views and 1.9 million video views. KING 5 also has the most Facebook Likes and Twitter followers of any local media outlet, with over 907,000 and 626,000 followers, respectively.

Not too shabby at all! Here’s a link to the article.

This is the specific part of the video that mentions the brand “YesStyle”.

Not too shabby at all!

There are many ways to get HARO links, but one thing remains clear: you have to be consistent and very patient.

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