Henry Dalziel

Past & Present SEO Projects

I built most of the sites listed below and was able to index and rank all of them to occupy dominate positions within their respective niches.

* I'm happily full-time employeed as an In-House SEO Lead for a public company incorporated here in Hong Kong. To learn more please see my online resume.

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Growth Hackers Hong Kong

From ZERO traffic to position #1 for "Hong Kong SEO"; this is a website I built and optimized here in Hong Kong. The site continues to grow for keywords within the marketing and growth hacking niches.

• Personal Project
• Won Google Position #1 - "Hong Kong SEO"

Mika & Milo Cashmere

This project was a previous eCommerce client here in Hong Kong that is within the luxury Cashmere niche. I built the site (using Shopify) and optimized it to position #1-3 for keywords like "Kids Cashmere" and "Baby Blanket Gifts"

• Past Client: Mika & Milo
• Won Google Position #1 - "Cashmere For Kids"

Concise Courses

This website was registed by me in 2007! The domain has a ton of authority and I've kept it alive for 14 years. The site has had multiple reinventions; and it evolved into dominating the "Hacking Tools" niche with the site ranking in a top position for the high-volume keyword of "Hacker Tools".

• Personal Project
• Won Google Position #1 - "Hacker Tools"

Hacker Clothing

This website is a spin-off of my involvement within Cybersecurity. I created dozens of sites within this industry and this one was a spin-off using a customized (vanity URL) of .clothing ~ this site is also a customized PHP eCom site.

• Personal Project
• Won Google Position #1 - "Hacker Clothing"


This website currently ranks in a top position for "Cracked Mobile Phone Hong Kong"; and it was setup mostly as an experiment to see if I could rank for local competitive search terms - which I was able to!

• Personal Project
• Won Google Position #3 - "Cracked Mobile Phone Hong Kong"

Sport 4 Kids

This was a dropped domain that I purchasd because and republished because it has an excellent backlink profile of local authoritative sites here in Hong Kong. This project was to whether I could dominate keywords like "Kids Activities" and "Kids Soccer Camps".

• Personal Project
• Won Google Position #3 - "Kids Soceer Camps Hong Kong"

MacNab Drummond

Working alongside China's largest cashmere producer, this company (a prior client) provides finished cashmere garments to the likes of French cashmere giant Eric Bompard amongst others. I was able to rank for a page one position for "Bulk Cashmere".

• Client: MacNab Drummond
• Won Google Position #2 - "Bulk Cashmere" and "Wholesale Cashmere"

InfoSec Conferences

I created what has become the Cybersecurity Industry's most indexed and visited Conference Directory. The site gets over 1,300 daily visits and has dozens of backlinks from universities and other important entities within the industry.

• Personal Project
• Won Google Position #1 - "Cybersecurity Conferences"