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Peter Drucker, a management philosopher, is credited with saying that “you can’t manage what you can’t measure.”

This quote is entirely applicable when it comes to SEO.

The cool thing about SEO is that you can demonstrate ROI with regard to traffic and conversions as well as all the other metrics that you can drill into. SEO allows you to measure changes that directly affect traffic generation, traffic, conversion rates, CTR data and so much more!

In this section of my site, I outline a bunch of projects that I’ve been working on and the tools that I use or used to achieve the desired results.

Expired Domain Testing

The Google Core Spam Update, unusually, was very specific about what it was going after. In this test I take a look at a nice expired domain I bought a while back but never did anything with it.


20 Million URL Site Crawl

The site is a monster.

20+ Million URLs!

Managing a website with millions of URLs is more common than you think when it comes to eCommerce. ECommerce – owing to the hundreds of variables per product – can easily generate a vast amount of URLs. This project took a long hard look at how we can detect, and fix, OnPage SEO issues. If you work in Tech SEO then you might find this project useful and interesting.

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q1-q3 2022

Testing Meta Data For CTR

Similar to my mega Tech SEO Crawl, this project is to discover how effective changing Meta Titles really is – specifically for trying to match intent and clicks. In eCommerce, this is a challenge because you are trying to match your traffic search with an expectation.

tech seo
ctr testing
onpage seo

Creating A Content Machine

SEO, of course, remains to be all about content. Said simply, no content basically means no way for Search Engines to understand your site and what you are about. Content has changed a lot since I first started in SEO all those many years ago, but suffice to say that it continues to evolve – especially because of GTP-3/4 and all the other AI technologies coming on the scene. This project is to create a “solid SEO Content Machine!”

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