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If you’re not testing then you’re not learning.

SEO is all about testing your theories and implementing them to see results.

This is best achieved by acquiring expired domains (or launching new ones). Many of the tests I list here are ongoing and several of them include the creation of AI Bots, Python Scripting, and how CMSs like Shopify and WordPress react to code-changes.

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Testing Expired Domain Value

expired domain, spam testing, backlink parity
work in progress

One of the major updates to the Core Spam Update of March 2024 was the direct mention of expired domains, specifically that they would lose their “power” upon expiration. Buying expired domains to game them for their 301 juice is a strategy that is as old as the hills.

In this experiment, I take a nice expired domain and I’ll try and see how just how rigid the rules are.

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Testing Auto-Blogging Software

work in progress

I have a test domain in which I am testing auto-blogging content. Whilst this was also targeted (in general terms) during the Core Spam Update of March 2024. I’m mostly curious to test software and the quality of content that is being pushed out.

I’ve been burned before with automated content for SEO and I had mixed results; mostly negative, but the domain I am testing has been indexed, is mature, and I can safely test the content.

Creating Python OpenAI/WebPilot Automation

work in progress

I’ve used Python scripts hosted on my local machine to automate tasks using the OpenAI API and it has worked really well. However, I could only get it to work using ChatGPT 3.5. The ability to read the real-time Internet and create prompts (using WebPilot) would be huge for SEO.

Scraping A Domain With 20 Million URLs

WEB CRawling, scraping tools

Managing a website with millions of URLs is more common than you think when it comes to eCommerce. ECommerce – owing to the hundreds of variables per product – can easily generate a vast amount of URLs. This project took a long hard look at how we can detect, and fix, OnPage SEO issues. If you work in Tech SEO then you might find this project useful and interesting.

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Building an AI BOT to Scrape & Parse Data

python, API usage
work in progress

This is a project that would do the following:

  1. Crawl a list of URLs
  2. Identify is certain parameters exist
  3. Scrape those parameters
  4. Place the data in the appropriate rows
  5. Upload the data in pre-designated data tables

WordPress & JSON Schema

WordPress, cms, json, schema
work in progress

This test was to embed Schema Microdata into existing ACF WordPress PHP templates to maximise the data. Search engines, (especially the GoogleBot) love structured data, especially if it comes from a domain with decent maturity and authority. The test is to discover:

  • Is Microdata Schema indexing for SEO?
  • Can I nest several Schema Types within data rows

WordPress Langauge Inclusion

WordPress, cms, Plugins
work in progress

This is to discover what impact including Traditional Chinese (ZH-HK) has with content on a website that has Hong Kong as its’ primary market. The results ought, of course, to be positive, but I’m most interested to see what level of bump I can get from machine-generated translations.

Matomo vs GA4

data analytics
work in progress

Matomo is a fantastic alternative to GA4. I am already using it to track the analytic on at least six sites. This project is to test the plugins that are available and to determine whether it can be a viable alternative to Google Analytics (GA4).

Shopify Hong Kong SEO eCom

cms, ecommerce
work in progress

This relates to testing a new eCom site for the local Hong Kong market. I am of the opinion that the Hong Kong market (for English language) is treated with greater tolerance than elsewhere. This test is to see if products can be indexed and how the Shopify theme responds to the local market.

EEAT & PHP Schema

eeat, schema, wordpress
work in progress

Having seen a drop in rankings for one of my sites (from the Core Spam Update in March 2024) I am experimenting to see whether including Microdata PHP Schema helps with regards to EEAT. The signals that we are deploying include personal branding and association with the industry.

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