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SEO Case Study: Concise Courses

I created this website in 2007! This site has recieved literally millions of hits since its' inception.

Concise Courses Website

Concise Courses

This site was launched in 2007! It's an old site that has been through at least six or seven major relaunches. I started the project back in 2007 to offer tech courses - mostly stemming from the fact that I ran a successful Japanese language school that has the same domain but with the UK local TLD of .co.uk.

My thoughts were that I would keep the .co.uk as a "Japanese language schoo" and the .com variation of the domain would be for tech and IT courses. That remained the case and we offered dozens of ethical hacking and penetration testing courses; offering courses like "Certified Ethical Hacker" and the CISSP - and other similar Cybersecurity Certifications. The site then evolved into a more generalized "Cyber-culture" type of site with tips and tricks on a wide variety of security-related materials.

Website Goals

  • Originally to offer niche-specific Cybersecurity training and certifications.
  • To get as much traffic and conversions as possible - now within the SEO-training niches.

Project Overview

This project was originally for Cybersecurity training but evolved into offering content and tutorials within two niches:

  • (Cyber) Hacker Tools for Ethical Hackers.
  • SEO and Growth Hacking Tools.

The Challenge

The current challenge of the site is getting enough context to index and rank for competitive SEO search terms. I'm trying to get the site to rank and compete for SEO-training search terms that can then be monetized for affiliate marketing and other similar opportunities.

SEO Approach & Solution

The recent solution I took for this site was to ensure that I had a friendly WordPress theme that loaded fast, was easy to maintain and also that looked good from an affiliate marketing perspective. I'm overall very pleased with the theme and it is doing a solid job and keeping rankings. The site needs more dedication than I am providing it but I hope to add more value in 2022 for important keywords that have genuine commercial user-intent behind them.

Vital Metrics, Year-To-Date: 2022

Traffic Growth
8,850 Monthly Visits
Monthly visits to the website
Keywords In Position #1
12 Keywords
Top rankings for: Hacker Tools, Hacker Software, Password Cracking Tools
Sales Generated
A (rough) estimation of the revenue generated by the site from 2019 to 2022
Domain Reputation
54 DR
This is a third-party tracking metric to guage the "popularity" and authority of a domain

What's Next For The Website?

To continue with the adding excellent well-written content! The site also needs more - and better backlinks from SEO feeder sites that will help to boost the search terms that I am going for within the SEO-cohort of keywords.

Want to get in touch with me regarding SEO?

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