Henry Dalziel

SEO Case Study: Growth Hackers Hong Kong

I created this website when I founded my Hong Kong SEO Agency in 2017.

Growth Hackers Hong Kong

  • Industry: Digital Marketing, SEO & Growth Hacking
  • Size: 3+
  • Website: growthhackers.hk
This site was launched in 2017 to cater for SEO and Growth Hacking needs of clients in Hong Kong. I made the decision to register a new domain - mostly because I liked the name, and to make the TLD (domain ending) to be local, i.e. .hk to boost its' local rankings. The website now ranks in the top 1-3 for specifc SEO keywords in Hong Kong.

Website Goals

  • Achieve high rankings to demonstrate to clients that I have the necessary SEO Skills
  • Demonstrate growth hacking techniques that would match the search terms being entered into Google.
  • Ensure that the content and backlinking velocity remains constant to attract more traffic.

Project Overview

Following full-time employment with Plum (a Hong Kong food delivery start-up) and then Campfire (a co-working) office space company in the city, I decided to start my own SEO Agency in Hong Kong. The purpose of the agency was to target SME's and large corporates that had a need for SEO services, as well as "Growth Hacking" services, specifically finding ways to propel their marketing with a particular emphasis on Lead Generation. Having a well-built website to demonstrate my skill was vital, as well as being able to rank high for important keywords which I was able to do, (see below for key SEO metrics in 2022).

The Challenge

The biggest challenge was, of course, the competition.

When it comes to SEO, the longer your domain has been online - and spam-free - then the higher your changes will be to get higher rankings. Assuming that the content and basic SEO techniques are being deployed then it can be a tricky market to get into because I was fighting against other Hong Kong SEOs. In summary: the greates challenge was the highly-educated competition that know many of the tricks and tactics that I use as an SEO Pro.

The other challenge was being able to "stand out" from the crowded digital marketing space in Hong Kong.

SEO Approach & Solution

The first approach I took was to ensure that I had a solid content-clustering plan in place. Once I'd planned out my content I created a directory of all of the other Hong Kong agencies that offer SEO as well as digital marketing services. The directory that I created was well-received by Google and they rewarded me with Position #1 for "Hong Kong SEO" in the middle of October 2021. Whether I keep that position or not is up for debate! I will have to continue fighting for that prime spot, especially because of its' vanity status within the local Hong Kong SEO Community.

Vital Metrics, Year-To-Date: 2022

Traffic Growth
3,450 Monthly Visits
Monthly visits to the website
Keywords In Position #1
8 Keywords
Top rankings for: Hong Kong SEO, SEO Agency Hong Kong, HK SEO and Digital Marketing Events
Sales Generated
A (rough) estimation of the revenue generated by the site from 2019 to 2022
Domain Reputation
34 DR
This is a third-party tracking metric to guage the "popularity" and authority of a domain

What's Next For The Website?

I'd like to dominate other sub-niches within the Hong Kong digital marketing scene, especially keywords like "Marketing Consultancy" and "Digital Marketing Consultant", and all other associated long-tail keywords. My goal is to get the traffic up and to launch a bilingual version of some of the pages on the site; I believe that this will open the doors to a significant increase of traffic.

Want to get in touch with me regarding SEO?

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