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SEO Case Study: InfoSec Conferences

This site has become the Cybersecurity industry's favorite conferences and events directory with over 1,000+ annual conferences submissions from dozens of conference organizers.

InfoSec Conferences Website

InfoSec Conferences

This site was launched owing to the popularity of a blog post that I launched on Concise-Courses.com. That site had a blog post that I published in 2011 that listed out some of the more popular Cybersecurity conferences that were taking place. Google liked that post and the site recieved a ton of traffic for the search term of "Cybersecurity Conferences". I therefore decided to 301 that traffic over to a new domain that was: infosec-conferences.com

The site fast-became the Cybersecurity community's #1 conference directory and submissions have been constantly coming into the site to request that their events are listed in the directory. Submission into the directory is free and the majority of all content on the site is User-Generated.

Website Goals

  • To continue to become the InfoSec community's #1 conference directory.
  • To get as much traffic as possible!

Project Overview

This website lists all of the major Cybersecurity conferences taking place around the world - most of them take place in the US and the UK.

The Challenge

The current challenge of the site is the competition and the tech. The website is a fully-customized WordPress installation that I created using a variety of plugins that include:

  • WordPress Pods Plugin
  • WordPress FacetWP
  • WordPress RankMath

SEO Approach & Solution

Long-tail was the approach here. Conferences, by the nature of their unique titles, become long-tail keywords and that is what fueled a lot of the natural organic backlinking and growth.

Vital Metrics, Year-To-Date: 2022

Traffic Growth
24,350 Monthly Visits
Monthly visits to the website
Keywords In Position #1
15 Keywords
Top rankings for: Cybersecurity Conferences, Cybersecurity Conferences 2022, Cybersecurity Conferences London, Cybersecurity Conferences New York, .etc
Sales Generated
A (rough) estimation of the revenue generated by the site from 2012 to 2022
Domain Reputation
54 DR
This is a third-party tracking metric to guage the "popularity" and authority of a domain

What's Next For The Website?

To continue with the adding excellent well-written content and probably relaunching the site at some point to make it more friendly and to maximize the crawl budget as well as reducing thin content as much as I can.

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