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SEO Case Study: MacNab Drummond

I created this website in 2018 for a client. The site was created to try and generate leads with the B2B eCommerce Wholesale "Bulk Purchasing" of specific textiles.

MacNab Drummond Website

MacNab Drummond

This site was launched for a client back in 2018 and had two main purposes, outlined below.

Website Goals

  1. To provide a professional digital presence for the company;
  2. To generate leads for specific search terms.

Project Overview

This project has a specific goal in mind: generate leads for those seeking to purchase "BulK Cashmere". The site therefore had to be focused on Lead Generation and be SEO-optimized as much as possible.

The Challenge

The main challenge of this site was the lack of initial content' however this was overcome by launching some important keyword-rich pages that acted as a content-cluster to drive the all important keywords that are listed below.

SEO Approach & Solution

The approach I took for this site was to create a custom-made PHP site that loaded fast and could easily be indexed. The strategy has paid off to a degree but still needs more work.

Vital Metrics, Year-To-Date: 2022

Traffic Growth
430 Monthly Visits
Monthly visits to the website
Keywords In Position #1-10
4 Keywords
Top rankings for: Bulk Cashmere, B2B Cashmere and Wholesale Cashmere
Sales Generated
A (rough) estimation of the revenue generated by the site from 2018 to 2022
Domain Reputation
54 DR
This is a third-party tracking metric to guage the "popularity" and authority of a domain

What's Next For The Website?

More content and better backlinking. The site needs some high-authority backlinks from a wide-range of niche-specific websites and directories; and I believe that that will be enough to dominate the main targered keywords.

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