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SEO Case Study: Sport 4 Kids

I created this website in 2021 as a side-project - I bought the domain when it dropped, mostly because the domain has some excellent backlinks and I like the niche.

Sport 4 Kids Website

Sport 4 Kids

  • Industry: Kids & Sports Activities in Hong Kong
  • Size: 1+
  • Website: sport4kids.hk
This site was launched about five years ago but the original team behind the domain and business, but for whatever reasons they closed the business; the domain dropped and I registered it under my own name and brought the content and domain back to life.

Website Goals

  1. To provide a resource for parents in Hong Kong with regards to activities for their children;
  2. To generate more traffic for specific search terms.

Project Overview

This project was inspired since I am a father of two, I live in Hong Kong and I am aware that this niche is something that is loaded with intent and purchasing power. Parents are always looking for ways to entertain their kids and sports for kids will always be a popular niche and category in which parents will spend their money.

The Challenge

There was no "real challenge" as such - however, I'd say the biggest challenge is being able to commit time to creating the content that will help to boost and rank specific keywords. Also, the lack of Chinese language on the site, with it being in Hong Kong is a negative and ought to be addressed if the site and project are to be take seriously.

SEO Approach & Solution

The approach I took for this site was to launch the same theme as Concise Courses; a theme that I know works very well with regards to Google crawling and indexing the content. Also, the theme makes it easier to maintain and scale.

Vital Metrics, Year-To-Date: 2022

Traffic Growth
1,100 Monthly Visits
Monthly visits to the website
Keywords In Position #1-10
4 Keywords
Top rankings for: Kids Sports Hong Kong, Soccer Camps Hong Kong and Tennis Camps Hong Kong
Sales Generated
The site hasn't been monetized
Domain Reputation
32 DR
This is a third-party tracking metric to guage the "popularity" and authority of a domain

What's Next For The Website?

More content and better backlinking from high-authority sites that come from a wide-range of (Hong Kong) niche-specific websites and directories.

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