Henry Dalziel

Online Resume

* I'm happily full-time employeed as an In-House SEO Lead for a public company incorporated here in Hong Kong. To learn more please see my online resume.

Henry Dalziel

SEO Expert In Hong Kong

Henry Dalziel

Digital marketing and technology leader with experience and a background in a variety of industries. Commercially-focused with two complementary skill sets: SEO & “Growth Hacking”, specializing in scaling automation to drive successful eCommerce and LeadGen strategies.

Career History

InHouse SEO Lead

YesStyle (YesAsia Holdings, HK.2209)
April 2021 - Present

Heading the SEO for a publicly listed Hong Kong eCommerce website with 15 million product pages and 12 million monthly views throughout the EU and North America.

  • [witheld for privacy reasons]

Co-Founder & Head of SEO

Growth Hackers Hong Kong
May 2019 – April 2021

Digital marketing, SEO and tech agency founded in Hong Kong specializing in WordPress and Lead Generation.

  • Clients included Microsoft and Checkpoint Software.
  • Local clients included dozens of SMB’s and one of HK’s largest Advertising agencies;
  • Specializations include “Cold Outreach” conversions using a variety of tools and techniques;
  • Growth strategies for clients include SEO, PPC, Content Marketing and Conversion Rate Optimization;
  • Managing a small team of freelancers and remote workers implementing customized tech solutions as well as working in partnership with local Cantonese-speaking SEO and content-marketing specialists;
  • Speaker at WordCamp Hong Kong, OMP Hong Kong (Growth Marketing)

Senior Growth Manager & SEO

Campfire Collaborative Spaces
January 2019 – May 2019

Campfire is Asia’s fastest growing network of shared spaces operating in Hong Kong, Singapore and London.

  • Introduced and tested hundreds of SEO strategies to enable higher conversions;
  • Designed and launched a referral (‘affiliate’) model that generates new leads and conversions;
  • Negotiated the sale of a local HK website with a greater domain authority to increase our traffic, leads and sales;
  • Introduced a new channel of advertising (‘native advertising’) and implemented relevant content marketing;
  • Launched and managed an online data scraping exercise using custom tools and Python scripts;
  • Initiated a partnership with iDendron, HKU Innovation & Entrepreneurship Hub Startup Programme;
  • Designed and executed a B2C website to promote our 88,000 Sq Feet of Real Estate at Whampoa.

Growth Manager

Plum (Hong Kong/New York)
November 2017 – January 2019

Plum is a lunch curation app that delivers the best local lunches we can source and delivers them to busy professionals in central locations in Hong Kong, Singapore, Sydney and New York.

  • As an early employee, instrumental in reaching 10,000 daily lunches from zero within nine months in four cities;
  • Generated 20% of all new customers through online lead conversion funnels Q1-YTD 2018;
  • Created a successful affiliate model which generates 1300+ customers per month;
  • Sent to New York to launch Plum’s NYC digital marketing operations, and implemented a successful social media strategy resulting in our target being beaten within the first month of operations;
  • Designed, & managed four localized sites for New York, Hong Kong, Sydney and Singapore;
  • Implemented ‘best-of-breed’ software stacks and hosting for our online presence;
  • Launched a successful offline marketing strategy to increase local brand awareness;
  • Worked with the investment team to present Plum to potential Seed Round investors in Hong Kong;
  • Initiated JV’s & Partnerships with HSBCPayMe, Standard Chartered, Hongkong Land and PWCC;
  • Managed a team split between Hong Kong and New York.

Founder & CMO

Concise AC Limited, London/Hong Kong
June 2012 – November 2017

Established in 2012 Concise AC is a marketing company servicing clients within the Cybersecurity Industry.

  • Developed dozens of highly successful SEO/SEM strategies which resulted in domination of targeted keywords;
  • Worked with advertising platforms (Google Display Network, Amazon, Facebook) to execute native and remarketing campaigns for mobile and desktop advertising with demonstrable ROI;
  • Designed, implemented, maintained (and secured) dozens of front and back-end tech stacks;
  • Generated average monthly website traffic from zero to 100,000 visitors per month for a client and built a community of over 50,000 subscribers using carefully selected technologies and SEO/ SEM strategies;
  • Coded, managed and optimised the Internet's most popular cybersecurity conference directory and launched a highly successful ‘hacker tools’ directory that, combined, currently generates over 10K daily visitors, which led to SANS Institute, SC Magazine, IT EXPO, TECHEXPO and ‘Cyber Security Summits USA’ becoming clients;
  • Accepted onto the UK Government Trade & Investment’s “Global Entrepreneur Programme” (GEP).

Head of Marketing

London School of Marketing
January 2008 – June 2012

Private business school offering professional and academic qualifications.

  • Created and managed (from design to launch) the eLearning division for the organization;
  • Worked with developers to implement SEO best practices in coding and campaigns to generate conversions;
  • Increased admissions by 20% each year to the online eLearning learning department;
  • Removed low-quality content created by outside search marketing agencies;
  • Implemented a Vulnerability Testing Methodology using sqlmap and other pentesting/ vulnerability tools;
  • Directed the development of the school’s eLearning platform which generated £250,000 in sales in the first year.


J&DP Global, London & Dubai
March 2003 – January 2008

Online B2C Healthcare Provider

  • Responsible for developing SEO strategies for highly competitive ‘lifestyle medications’;
  • Responsible for affiliate sales using a variety of affiliate-platforms and tracking codes;
  • Monitored and analyzed SEO statistics such as error pages, CTR rates, bounce rates, and much more;
  • Developed comprehensive third party organic marketing and traffic generation through link-building;
  • Ranked #1 for organic SERP results for one of the Internet’s most expensive and profitable keyphrases.

Full Proficiency With SEO Tools

In this section I outline a bunch of SEO tools that I am highly proficient with. A lot of SEO revolves around being able to professionally use tools for both OnPage as well as OffPage SEO strategies and campaigns. The tools that I list here are only some of the "core" SEO tools that I use; I don't list all my "secret-sauce" tools.

GA3/GA4 and GSC

Google's Own SEO Suite

Highly competent with all of Google's own SEO and Analytics tools including both versions of Google Analytics (GA3/GA4) as well as the Google Search Console; (including Page Speed Insights & Lighthouse). In addition I am able to create complex data dashboards using the derived data and Google Data Studio.

Ahrefs & SEMRush

Comprehensive SEO Suite

Highly competent with using AHrefs and SEMRush; two powerhouse SEO tools that help to indentify backlinking opportunities as well as content-gap analysis.


Keyword Ranking Tool

Proficient in using an industry-standard keyword tracking tool known as Accuranker. This enterprise-level tool can help you understand your keyword positions and Share of Voice.

Screaming Frog

SEO Site Audit Tool

I use Screaming Frog for a variety of uses, including searching for broken backlinks as well as finding orphan pages and other uses. Their SEO Spider is a powerful and flexible site crawler, that gathers key onsite data.


Keyword Ranking Tool

SurferSEO prepares guidelines based on top-performing pages and provides insights on the ideal word count for content, keywords to use on your website, article structure, and more. I'm proficient with using this tool to its' maximum advantage.


Keyword Ranking Tool

Similar to SurferSEO but focusing on missing keyword opportunities.

Keyword Cupid

Content Clustering Keyword Tool

I'm proficient with Keyword Cupid; a tool which helps to create "content clusters"; which forms part of my SEO strategies to optimize a website's structure and internal linking by organizing content around topics into pillar and cluster pages.


Keyword Ranking Tool

I use this tool to as a backlink tracker & monitoring tool to manage my link building campaigns.


Multi-purpose SEO Data Scraping Tool

Considered by many as the "Swiss Army Knife" for SEOs, this tool is indispensable in finding keywords and backlinking opportunities.


Data Scraping & Automation Tool

I'm highly proficient with Phantombuster; a tool I use on a daily basis to scrape and extract data that I can then use for SEO outreach or similar purposes.


Keyword Ranking Tool

OnCrawl is an enterprise SEO tool that crawls and analyzes server logs to help identify bugs, errors and find ways to optimize bot navigation.