Atlas VPN becomes…Nord VPN

亨利·達爾齊爾 | SEO香港專業人士

Sorry to see Atlas VPN come to an end.

I thought it was a solid service.

I wouldn’t use it for fool-proof OPSEC but I would recommend it for things like accessing ChatGPT in Hong Kong.

I got my subscription from Denys, the dude that gives interesting videos about the war in Ukraine.

Why Did They Quit?

Citing “insurmountable challenges” such as pressure from competitors, increasing technological demands, and the rising costs of providing top-tier services, Atlas VPN announced it would not be sustainable to continue operations in the long term.

This shutdown highlights the difficulties freemium VPN services face in maintaining competitive pricing while covering the growing costs associated with cybersecurity.

All existing users will now migrate automatically to NordVPN.

Funnily enough I used to be an affiliate with NordVPN back in the day.