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I enjoy speaking and sharing knowledge with regards to everything to do with SEO and digital (growth) marketing. Here are a few of the speaking events that I’ve attended. Hopefully, these will be added to over the coming years!

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Hong Kong SEO Events

Networking, understanding the opportunities in the city and learning from each other are some of the major benefits of attending, and speaking at Digital Marketing/SEO events.

~ 2024 ~

MarTech Summit

July 7 2024

Panelist Speaker: I’ll be on the panel for this event.

The MarTech Summit series aims to bring together the best minds in marketing technology from a range of industries through several diverse formats and engaging events.

Internet Marketing Forum

May 7 2024

Panelist Speaker: I’ll be on the panel for this event.

This is an event organized by the City University of Hong Kong, Department of Marketing.

More information to follow!

AI-Driven Marketing

March 7 2024

我演講的標題是: Navigating The Future of Digital Marketing in Hong Kong (from an SEO POV)

Organized by Hong Kong Entrepreneur Billy Tea, this event was an intimate opportunity to network and share what’s happening in AI and Marketing in Hong Kong.

~ 2023 ~

WordCamp 2023

November 18 2023

我演講的標題是: “From Scraping to Success: The Art of Building SEO-Optimized Content with Google Data and WordPress”.

很高興受邀再次參加 WordPress WordCamp Hong Kong 2023 官方活動。此次活動在荔枝角舉行。



我演講的標題是: “Cracking the Code: How AI is Transforming SEO”


亞太地區全球虛擬 MarTech 高峰會

FEBRUARY 22 2023

我演講的標題是: “SEO & Growth Marketing in 2023″

The event, which took place on February 22, 2023, was a must-attend for anybody interested in digital marketing technology, particularly SEO. This summit covered a wide range of subjects, from creative marketing techniques to the intricacies of customer experience and data integration, with a focus on the evolving MarTech problems and trends for 2023.

~ 2020 ~


JUNE 22 2020

我演講的標題是: “My favourite SEO tools including a few “blackhat tools”.

This is one of the best SEO Conferences in Hong Kong and one that I was delighted to be part of.

~ 2019 ~

香港WordCamp 2019

OCTOBER 17 2019

我演講的標題是: “How To Scale SEO”.

這是最近在香港舉行的 WordCamp 活動。上次舉辦此活動是在 2012 年 馬特·穆倫韋格 was in town and spoke at the event. This event was held in Wong Chuk Hang, in Campfire, a coworking space.

OMP SEO 行銷 2019

JUNE 7 2019

我演講的標題是: “Offpage SEO Tactics That Work”.

I was honoured to be the only non-Chinese speaker! My talk was related to offline marketing hacks.

~ 2018 ~

SEO 聚會小組

MAY 5 2018

我演講的標題是: “How To Find Work as an SEO”.

這次演講是在香港 SEO 社群進行的,與技術 SEO 相關。


MARCH 8 2018

我演講的標題是: “How To Build An Effective Site Primed For SEO”.

我的演講涉及如何建立一個客製化的 Elementor WordPress 網站,該網站已為有效的 SEO 做好準備!