The Prodigy | Out Of Space

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NGL, this is probably the best Music Video of all time.

I remember when this came out and thinking it was awesome, and still do.

Ten Amazing Facts About This Tune

These facts all come courtest of ChatGPT 4.

  1. Release and Reception: “Out of Space” was released by The Prodigy in 1992 as part of their debut album “Experience.” It quickly became a rave anthem and is one of the band’s most popular tracks.
  2. Iconic Sample: The song is famous for its sample of “Chase the Devil” by Max Romeo, which includes the line “I’m gonna send him to outer space, to find another race.”
  3. Genre-Defining Sound: “Out of Space” helped define the breakbeat hardcore genre, blending reggae and rave elements, and is considered a classic in electronic dance music.
  4. Music Video: The music video for “Out of Space” features surreal imagery, including band members in alien and rural settings, contributing to its psychedelic vibe.
  5. Chart Performance: The track reached the top 5 in the UK Singles Chart and was a hit in several other countries, cementing The Prodigy’s place in the electronic music scene.
  6. Live Performances: “Out of Space” has been a staple in The Prodigy’s live performances, known for its high energy and ability to energize crowds.
  7. Cultural Impact: The song’s catchy hook and innovative sound made it an anthem of the early ’90s rave scene and it continues to be celebrated in music documentaries and compilations.
  8. Variety of Versions: Various versions of the song exist, including a remix by The Prodigy themselves and covers by other artists, showcasing its versatility and enduring appeal.
  9. Award-Winning: Although specific awards for the track are hard to pinpoint, The Prodigy’s work around the time of “Out of Space” received numerous accolades, reflecting the song’s contribution to their success.
  10. Legacy and Influence: “Out of Space” has influenced a wide range of artists and genres, from electronic to hip hop, and remains a touchstone in discussions of ’90s rave culture and electronic music evolution.