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What Is This?

I’m testing how sensitive Google is with expired domains.


Because it will lend credibility as to whether being close to seed sites and powerful Inbound Links are with regards with expired domains.

An Overview

On March 5th, the Google Search Central Blog announced a massive core algo update. Somewhat unusually the team called out, by name, “Black Hat” techniques that the algo would go after. One of these issues was buying an expired domain for nefarious reasons.

What Was The Issue With Expired Domains?

Expired domain abuse entails purchasing and repurposing expired domain names to influence search rankings by providing low-quality material that provides minimal value to users. For example, a domain that was formerly linked with a medical site may be reused for low-quality casino material, using the domain’s past reputation to obtain search prominence.

This purposeful tactic seeks to capitalize on a domain’s existing reputation in order to rank high in search results with content that is not intended for discovery other than through search engines. While recycling old domains for new, valuable sites that serve users is permitted, using them for search manipulation is not.

My Expired “Test” Domain

I’m going to hold back on the actual domain until I’ve tested a bunch of stuff out, but here are the basics.

I bought the domain (that is in the fashion niche) for USD 10 using Namecheap.

Here are the vital statistics as of Wednesday, 20th 2024.

  • DR 5
  • 117 Backlinks
  • 30 Referring Domains
  • x1 Indexed Keyword (which is the brand)

Site Traffic

You can see that since the domain was launched way back when it was never a huge entity, but in any event it had spikes of traffic but never seems to have had any real sense of traction.

As of the end of March 2024, there was only x1 organic page that is indexed and the domain gets literally zero traffic.

So, from this we can deduce that the only way is up!


Let’s move onto the good bit.

There are some VERY nice links here, most of which are dofollow.

The cool thing is that some of these sites are core Tier-1 domains in the fashion niche. I’ve worked in the fashion niche in my Hong Kong SEO experience so this is an industry that I am familiar with and one of the reasons why I selected this domain.

Anyways – take a look at these domains that link to the expired domain!

elle.comDR 89
Vogue.itDR 83
Grazie.itDR 72
NSSMag.comDR 71

The Plan

I’m going to update this project, but here’s my first step:

  1. Place some contextual-relevant text on the homepage from those juicy backlinks
  2. Direct thousands of Fiverr links to those Top-Tier sites to see if it moves the needle

That’s it.

It’s pretty simple but I’m keen to see if I can get more keywords to index from buying an expired domain.

More to follow!

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