How Big A Deal Are The “Leaked Google Docs”?

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henry dalziel | SEO Hong kong pro

If you work in SEO then this is big news.

A leak of 2,500 pages of internal Google documentation reveals how they rank sites.

However – a few things to note:

  1. Algorithms change all the time so this “leak” is only a photograph of that moment in time
  2. The data appears to be a retrieval system and not the “smoking gun” of how it works
  3. It’s not clear whether this is in production or was used for experimentation
  4. The core principles of SEO are proven so there’s not like anything utterly controversial came out
  5. Google is losing aspects of the plot here! Maybe they had it too good for too long?
  6. Branding is key…

More to follow!

I want to read more and learn more before adding to this post.

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