Here’s How To Solve The World’s Problems…

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It’s simple.

Empower women.

Stop forcing women in less developed nations to have as many babies as possible, and let them have a career and get more involved in leadership roles. Free them from unrelenting reproduction and let them follow their passions – and I guarantee they’ll do great.

What Evidence Do I Have?

Girls do better at school than boys. Let that trend continue and let them prosper.

OK, I’ve simplified my point but I feel that we men have had our chance, we tried, we messed up – and now it’s their chance.

No, this isn’t me being woke – it’s just reality.

We all come from women and, frankly, in many ways, they’re just smarter, more logical, measured, and wise.

Historically, women have been underrepresented in decision-making roles, yet when they are empowered, they have more empathy.

Secondly, studies have shown that women’s participation in peace processes leads to more durable and longer-lasting peace agreements.

According to the last resource that I link to, there is evidence that women’s involvement in peace negotiations has led to agreements that are 34% more likely to succeed.

In any event, let me conclude by saying this – we are in a difficult spot right now, not least with the war in Ukraine that looks uncertain with the possible re-election of Donald Trump.

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