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I’ve been in and out of the job market for many years so each time I come across a useful tool or service that can help job seekers then I’ll happily share it – and this is one of them: Kick Resume.

Kickresume is a document builder tool that has templates for resumes, cover letters, and personalized websites.

The startup recently launched resume-checking and cover-letter checking solutions, partly explaining the surge in consumer interest.

The new solutions instantaneously grade and provide detailed feedback on resumes, cover letters, and LinkedIn profiles.

According to the startup, 1.3 million job seekers have used the platform. Kickresume is on track to hit $1.2M in revenue in 2022. And the startup has raised approximately $135K in funding.

What’s next for Kick Resume?

KickResume is part of the Job Application Grading Software meta trend.

A growing number of applications are using AI-powered tools to boost the odds of receiving an offer. For example, resume checkers.

(Searches for “resume checker” have increased by 376% over the last two years.) Resume checkers may advise a user to include more action words, replace vague claims, and reduce the amount of filler text.

These tools are often built to optimize a resume to align with the preferences currently used by automated resume screening software.

Resume Worded is an example of a trending resume-checking software startup.

Cover letter checkers are also seeing a spike in interest (search volume for “cover letter checker” has increased by 3x over the last five years). Similarly to resume checkers, cover letter grading software also uses AI to evaluate a cover letter on multiple metrics (language, storytelling, etc.).

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