Yes, I Am Still In Hong Kong…

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The Exodus Continues…

Many people have left Hong Kong.

We all know the reasons – so there’s no need to go into them.

However, many friends and family have asked me why I remain in Hong Kong, and honestly, it’s a good question.

Remembering that I am not a born and bred Hongkonger so my feeling and emotion would be different from someone who is the opposite.

What’s The Good News?

Good news first as ever…

High Salaries, Low Taxes

The biggest selling proposition in my opinion with a potential pull factor of Hong Kong is that salaries are good. The median salary in Hong Kong has increased to $18,400 per month from 2021, whilst in many other developed nations, salaries are stagnant as the cost of living worsens in the US and the UK.

Excellent Weather

OK, aside from the occasional typhoon, the weather in Hong Kong is for the most part pretty impressively hot. You’re guaranteed some nice weekends with the weather so that’s an important point we need to always remind ourselves about.

Loads To Do

There is plenty to do in Hong Kong.

  • Hiking
  • Beaches
  • Junk Trips
  • Urban Tours

As cities go, it’s pretty amazing how much you can do in one place. Many forget that Hong Kong is actually 40% national parkland.

What’s The Bad News?

The last thing I’d do with this blog is to get political, especially in Hong Kong, but let’s just say that the 2019 Protests changed a lot of things in the city.

It’s taken some of the past identity away from the place – but – it will return or evolve into the latest iteration of the city.

The other white elephant in the room is the city’s response to the Covid Crisis.

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