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SEOs That I Admire

To be good at SEO you need to be constantly learning. Period. In this evergreen post that I’ll update often I list SEOs that I have the greatest respect for.

The Need For Speed

Yes, as every SEO Pro knows – speed is critical for getting content (and domains) to rank. The logic behind fast-loading speed is obvious and reinforced by the fact that Google launched its’ Mobile-First indexing policy in March 2021. More …

SEO Volatility Tool

Many people don’t realize that the SERP (Search Engine Results Page) shows different results for different people. There’s a super-simple reason why everyone (may) see different results with their organic listings on Google….and that reason is….testing! Google is constantly testing. …

Crawling A 20 Million Page Website

In this post we will examine the importance of efficient web crawling and how you can do it for a website with millions of pages. SEO starts with a solid tech stack and a logical directory structure, this is particularly important in eCommerce.

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