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What Is Fractional CMO?

On-demand and part-time chief marketing officers are collectively referred to as fractional CMOs.

In most cases, they are expected to fulfill the same roles and be responsible for the same activities as full-time chief marketing officers.

CMOs make somewhere in the neighborhood of $211,000 per year on average. As a result, the vast majority of SMBs and startups do not have the financial resources necessary to hire a CMO on a full-time basis. I am interested in this because of my profession as an SEO expert in Hong Kong. SEO is marketing – and hence my interest.

Compared to that, fractional CMOs make only about $130,000 per year on average only.

Is There A Future For Fractional CMO Roles?

On-demand Executives is a metatrend that includes fractional chief marketing officers.

Senior positions are now being filled by members of the gig economy.

In point of fact, a growing number of businesses are now listing available positions for part-time, virtual, or fractional executives (a search on Indeed for “fractional executive” returns over 130 job postings).

Additionally, an increase in premium talent marketplaces such as Toptal and Catalant is supporting this trend by making it simpler for businesses to find and employ high-end remote talent. This trend can be seen as a positive development.

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