Get Healthy 2024

Personal Bizzle
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This post isn’t really for public viewing; it’s a personal tracker for me to keep on top of being healthy in 2024.

Objective: 66 Days of habit forming to be more healthy – and to keep the mind active through serotonin emission.

Exercise Note Taking

Day NumberDateFitness Type & DurationCommentsStatus
130th DecemberJR 15BaliYes
231st DecemberJR 5 + Treadmill 15BaliYes
31st JanuaryJR 5 + Bike 20BaliYes
42nd JanuaryJR 5 + Walk 20BaliYes
53rd JanuaryJR 10BaliYes
64th JanuaryJR 3 + Walk 20BaliYes
75th JanuaryWalk 20Bali / COVIDYes
86th JanuaryJR 8Shin Splints Bad / COVIDYes
97th JanuaryJR 10Shin Splints Bad / COVIDYes
108th JanuaryCOVIDBali – Hong KongYes
119th JanuaryCOVIDHong KongNo
1210th JanuaryCOVIDHong KongNo
1311th January
1412th January
1513th January
1614th January
1715th January
1816th January
1917th January
2018th January

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