London Massive

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Sure, I’m opinionated AF, but there was no better era to grow up than in the 80’s and 90’s.

I was bang into Rave Music pretty much the second it came out, I was 13 when some of the biggest rave tunes came out.

Anyways, there are tons of tunes that I love, but this one just hits the spot because, well – if you know London then you know this tune.

It’s the “London Massive” voice that to me sounds like it can only be from London. Also, the breakout at 1 min 23 is a real genuine hands-in-the-air moment. Long story short, this one’s a belter and would end a set nicely.

Put it this way, if you lived in London when you were a teenager and you were into your tunes and a good time, the chances are that you listened to Girls FM or Don FM. Tunes like this would have been played on there – especially Don FM.

If you are into Amen Beats and original early breakbeat then these two tunes are bangers.

I’d also say that these tunes, whilst amazing, would need to be played at an appropriate part of a set.

Sacred: Do It Together (London Massive)

Tek 9: You Got To Slow Down

To complement the Sacred Tune is this one. Another legendary tune.

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