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Many people don’t realize that the SERP (Search Engine Results Page) shows different results for different people.

There’s a super-simple reason why everyone (may) see different results with their organic listings on Google….and that reason is….testing!

Google is constantly testing.

Testing helps determine where a site or URL should land. Metrics like CTR Rate, bounce, backlink profiles, and dwell time (for example) will all to a degree influence where a page “should” be, but the only way for Google to determine where the result should be is by testing on humans.

Here’s a tool that I enjoy using: it’s called SEO Volatility!

SEO Volatility Tool Video

In my video, I examine how Google evaluates your website based on the keywords for which you want it to rank.

You will be able to determine your true position in the search engines for your keywords with the assistance of our SEO Tool. If you are interested in learning how to perform SEO, then this tool will be of use to you. The “volatility” of your site for a specific term is analyzed by SEO Volatility and displayed to you.

The Search Engine Results Page (SERP) that displays your keyword and the websites that are rewarded for those keywords will appear differently to many individuals.

Utilizing this SEO tool can assist you in comprehending the steps that are required to raise your rankings.

Ted Kubatis

The mastermind behind this tool is Ted Kubatis.

The guys at Cashflow Digital had an excellent session with Ted where he shared insights into the tool. For more information, I’d really encourage you to watch the video.

In summary, it’s an excellent tool and it forms part of my daily SEO workflow.

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