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SEO is all about learning.

There are certain personalities in the SEO industry that I greatly admire and that have helped me along my journey.

The majority of people that I list I’ve never personally met but I have had some interaction either via Reddit /r/SEO or /r/TechSEO, YouTube, or through another social media channel.

I’ve subscribed to their YouTube channels and I’ve learned a ton from them.

So, in no particular order, here’s who I would recommend that you follow and also learn from!

Craig Campbell

YouTube Channel

This guy’s a legend in the SEO game.

Also, the fact that he’s a fellow Scot makes it all the more interesting to follow him!

His YouTube channel is by far one of the best ones you can watch – and I certainly learned a ton from watching his Tuesday show called “Digital Cash Flow” with co-hosts Mike and Brad.

His no-nonsense approach makes his content all the more understandable/

NFG Community (Mike & Brad)

YouTube Channel

On the subject of Craig’s YouTube channel, I also follow Mike Pearce and Brad (sorry don’t remember his last name). These guys really know their stuff and they’ve been at it for years. One of their specialties I feel is their knowledge of PBBs or “Mini-Nets” as they refer to them.

Mike especially has a lot of technical SEO know-how.

They have a group called NFG that stands for No-F-Given: 100% worth checking out.

Chris Palmer

YouTube Channel

Possibly one of the nicest people in the SEO community and someone who has an incredibly high work rate. He literally churns out a YouTube SEO Video once a day.

I once booked him for some consultancy and he offered some expert advice that certainly helped me out.

He has an excellent YouTube channel here, one that’s highly recommended and respected in the SEO Community. His Black Hat video I think is worthy of a special mention.

SEO Video Show (Dre)

YouTube Channel

Paul Andre de Vera, a 15-year SEO veteran, established The SEO Video Show to give digital marketers and SEOs access to the greatest SEO video material.

All videos have been selected and arranged to make it easy for you to get the most useful information on anything from off-page optimization to on-page optimization.

By studying and imparting information bombs, gold nuggets, and insider tricks from the world of search engine optimization video content, Dre perfects the art of learning SEO.

Hands-down, his YouTube channel is the slickest you’ll watch online. Highly recommended.

Matt Diggity

YouTube Channel

Matt pushes out some polished and professional content through his YouTube channel and he is clearly a seasoned professional.

Here’s an example of some content that I learned from him with reference to a keyword research hack that he shared.

He is also the founder of the Chiang Mai SEO Conference, an event that hasn’t happened in the last few years (as of 2022) but is considered as being one of the core SEO conferences along with BrightonSEO and SEO on the Beach.

Ted Kubaitis

YouTube Channel

This guy is the creator of SEO Volatility, a tool that I can’t endorse enough.

He’s a smart guy when it comes to SEO and he’s certainly worth looking out for. I’m not a regular SEO Fight Club subscriber or watcher but I’d certainly recommend listening to him when he speaks as a guest or otherwise.

I engage with him and other SEO Volatility users on a Skype Group that he created.

Aleyda Solis

YouTube Channel

Aleyda is one of the few female SEOs that I know about. Would be great to know and follow more women SEOs but I’m not aware of many others. Aleyda is a highly respected SEO and she pushes out some great content with her Crawl Mondays YouTube channel.

Matthew Woodward

YouTube Channel

Out of everyone on my list, I’d say that the guy with the most longevity is Matthew Woodward.

I’d absolutely recommend you check everything he has to say about SEO and his newsletter is especially useful and actionable.

Wrapping Up

SEO is all about learning new skills.

It’s also all about testing and implementing new strategies and ideas and with that being said it, therefore, makes sense that you follow as many SEO Professionals as possible.

If you can think of someone else who should be on this list please be sure to drop a comment and suggest them!

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